Monday, April 13, 2009

What should i get my mom for mother's day? [i have few problems]?

i was thinking of a card and flowers in a vase.

but i have few problems:

1. i can%26#039;t drive

2. dad%26#039;s going out of town

3. my only two driving friends have other things to do to where we can%26#039;t fit into each other schedules

4. budget -$20 to $30

my mom is working 9-6 on sat and i%26#039;m gonna get/make something then. i was thinking delivered flowers but that costs wayyyy too much for decent ones.

any suggestions or website/numbers with cheap flower arrangement and delivery anywhere in the augusta, ga area?
What should i get my mom for mother%26#039;s day? [i have few problems]?
FlowersBirthday FlowersSympathy FlowersFirst don%26#039;t panic. I don%26#039;t know any cheap flower stores but I think this would work. You should bake a cake that she likes from the supermarket where Iive that%26#039;s like $3.00. Then go to the store and get her a teddy bear thats like $5.00. Then make your own card if you don%26#039;t know where to go and your mom will appreciate it cause it came from you. Then if your mom likes shoes if you live in the Bronx go to Fordham Rd. and go to a shoe store and get her a pair.
Reply:ditch a cab
Reply:1)ask one of ur moms friends to drive u

2)ride a bike to a store of restauraunt she mite like for a gift card

3) make her a card on the computer and buy a giftcard online

4) make her a card and a meal and tell her u will get her sumthing even better later

5) take her out to lunch of dinner

6) go to the store with her and let her pick something out for u to buyWhite Teeth

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