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I need help on what to do about my cat chewing things and jumping on tables?

I have a cat that%26#039;s a little over a year old, and she has a horrible chewing problem. When we first got her (she was about 6 months then) she chewed through the cord to a video game controller. A couple months later, I had a small decorative snowman on a table, and she chewed all of the fake berries off of it. A few months ago, I put out a flower arrangement on our breakfast bar, and she jumps up there just to chew the flowers off of it! When Christmas came, I couldn%26#039;t put gifts under the tree because she chewed on the boxes, ribbons, and bows. I don%26#039;t want to give her away, but I hate that I can%26#039;t have anything nice out, even on tables. She was a stray and we recently got a puppy, so could those two things have anything to do with her chewing things and jumping on tables constantly? I would try to spray her with water when she does this, but she knows it%26#039;s wrong, so she only chews on things when we aren%26#039;t there so I can%26#039;t catch her in the act. Please help!
I need help on what to do about my cat chewing things and jumping on tables?
FlowersBirthday FlowersSympathy FlowersIt%26#039;s hard to say why she chews and breaks things.

To solve the problems, you%26#039;ll need to buy a couple things.

First, a bottle of bitter apple spray. Spray it on things you don%26#039;t want her to chew on. Oh, she%26#039;ll try chewing, but bitter apple is very unpleasant to the tongue and nose of a cat. She%26#039;ll get the idea quickly.

Second, for jumping on things, get some old fashioned mouse traps. Set but don%26#039;t bait them (you don%26#039;t want to tempt her). Just put them where you think she will jump. She won%26#039;t be able to see them until she commits to the jump and by that time it%26#039;s too late. The nose and movement of the traps when she sets them off by landing on them will scare the dickens out of her. You probably won%26#039;t have to do that for more than a few days.

Since she only does this stuff when you%26#039;re not around, she could also be bored or lonely. To combat a lonely pet, turn a radio or tv on. To deal with boredom, get her a puzzle toy, the kind where you hide a smaller toy or food treat inside and she has to figure out how to get it out. There are some very entertaining battery run toys for cats that have stalks with feathers and balls and things that move around for the cat to chase and bat at. A year old cat can be enticed by simple toys like catnip scented play mice. Get a selection of toys and see what she likes. ....... And one more suggestion I heard from the proud %26quot;mom%26quot; of a cat the other day: Get one of those robotic vacuums and set it to run while you%26#039;re at work. The cat will be so busy either chasing or hiding from it that she won%26#039;t be able to get bored!
Reply:Get her a cat condo. It%26#039;ll give her something to climb, bite, and scratch. I got my cat one when she was still a kitten and it really cut down on her attacking other things in the apartment. She used to bite through our window blinds and even pulled the whole thing down once. They seem to outgrow some of that in a year or two, although mine will still unravel a roll of toilet paper and chew it to pieces on occasion.
Reply:Put a couple mouse traps under newspaper when they jump up the traps go off and scare themmakeup tips

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