Monday, April 13, 2009

Am I missing anything?

Wedding is 5 weeks away!!!


Church and priest booked

readings chosen

songs chosen

flower arrangements made


Food Chosen(still waiting on RSVP%26#039;s for final count)






Garter/bouquet for tossing

Chair covers

linens(provided by country club)


Seating Cards


Wedding Dress



Rhinestones for Hair




Bridesmaid gifts bought

Gifts for readers

Rehearsal dinner planned

Still working on Parent, groomsman and ring bearer gift

Anything else?
Am I missing anything?
FlowersBirthday FlowersSympathy FlowersAisle runner

Ring bearer pillow


cake topper

toasting flute

cake server

Make sure to bring extra black dress socks for the groomsmen. I have seen so many young men wearing white socks with the tux. Its terrible. I would make a little kit to bring with you and give to your maid of honor with

safety pins

band aids

clear nail polish


nail file

touch up polish of what color you are wearing

ballet slippers




wet naps

tooth picks


travel sized hair spray
Reply:Sounds like you%26#039;re set!! Except I didn%26#039;t see any mention of a wedding cake, but you%26#039;re probably including that in the reception food, right? You sound like a very organized person. Have a fantastic wedding!
Reply:do you have programs printed for your ceremony? decide on the order of the songs and readings and then print them up by the rehearsal night. don%26#039;t forget boutiniers for the groomsmen
Reply:Are you having programs for the ceremony? are they printed?

What about the cake - no mention there

did you pick your fisrt dance songs (if you decide to have that)

Looks good too me :) good luck
Reply:guest favors?

marriage license

photographers must take photo list...very helpful.

tips for vendors

bridal jewelry
Reply:Go to and sign up for their wedding checklist. It%26#039;s incredibly detailed and you may find a few things you hadn%26#039;t thought of!
Reply:I didn%26#039;t see anything as far as a cake.
Reply:No answers for you, just want to mark this page for when my time comes.

Good luck and congratulations.
Reply:Do you have the bouquets for yourself %26amp; BM%26#039;s and boutenierre%26#039;s (sp?) for the guys?

Are they ordered or made?
Reply:I think you have everything all set.
Reply:as the answer list is long and I didn%26#039;t want to read it...what about clothes to change into after the reception if you are leaving right after for honey moon
Reply:Card box? Something for those dropping off cards to place them in. Some do bird cages, others do wells some do boxes decorated with pictures of the couples.

Ring pillows? Flower basket for the flower girl? Your emergency bag for the day of the wedding? (xtra hose, nail polish, sewing kit, etc.)

Envelopes with the payment of tips for DJ, Caterer, Officiant, ETC.

Hope this helps..Congrats!
Reply:Sounds like you have it all under control.....Congradulations
Reply:Have you talked to the bridesmaids and groomsmen about how you want them to walk down the aisle? Wedding cake? How are you going to get to church, reception, and after reception?
Reply:Cake cutter and server

Pen for guestbook

Host Couple?

Decorations for Pews?

Disposable cameras for tables?

These are just a few ideas off the top of my head. you have a limo or vehicle arranged?

do you have all your guests rsvp or do you have some to call still?

do you have to provide a final count for the food?

do you have a place for guests to put cards and gifts?

do you have all your rings?

do you have any vendors left to pay?

marriage license?
Reply:Updated passports, marriage license, blood tests, tips for the limo driver, matre d, donation to the church as well as the organ player, another pair of lower shoes for reception, if necessary, camera or video camera at the house where your fiancee is getting ready? It is nice to get pictures of the guys getting ready, while you are getting ready. Of course, the batteries were not working on the video that was supposed to be taken when my fiancee was getting

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