Monday, April 13, 2009

Guys! Are these razor saws a good gift for a guy I've dated 3 times???

For our second date he gave me a flower arrangement. Our third date is tomorrow. We%26#039;re going to a Christmas party, and I%26#039;d like to give him something appropriate and something he would like.

What do you think of these saws as a gift?

Unfortunately, I didn%26#039;t ask him if he%26#039;s into woodwork, but these saws will cut through other materials, such as plastic and brass.
Guys! Are these razor saws a good gift for a guy I%26#039;ve dated 3 times???
FlowersBirthday FlowersSympathy Flowersabsolutley not. first of all you do not need to be getting a gift at all for someone youve only dated three times. especially if you dont really know that he would like it. something simple like a bottle of wine that you can enjoy together would be more appropriate. save real gifts for special occasions after you are offically together.
Reply:why even get them if you don%26#039;t know if his in to wood working. get him something Else he would appreciate. something he would wear or something for his house or apartment.
Reply:if ya dont know if he%26#039;s into wood work then you should find out before getting/giving him that
Reply:you do know ur back round is for gay people rite?
Reply:no. honestly i wouldnt really want those kinfe things

get him a superchip for his truck if he is a real man, but if that were the case then hed already have one , and intake and an exhaust along with some sort of lift kit and big ol tires. so get him something neat for his truck. we men as a gender are a very intrigued by simple things and also by very complex things

so some good food would work, but if he diesnt like food then cant really call himself a man and needs to openly admit his sexuality and get the hell out of man city and onto rainbow island.

seriously though dont get him those knife doohickeys theyre a waste of your hard earned money.acting resources

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