Monday, April 13, 2009

Looking for tips on flower arranging?

saw an advert on tv for arrangements, but didn%26#039;t get the website
Looking for tips on flower arranging?
FlowersBirthday FlowersSympathy Flowersgo to video they have lots of [ how to do ] informative videos
Reply:Make sure all flowers are in odd numbers and different heights.
Reply:The use of %26quot;Frogs%26quot; can help you achieve a nice, uniform arrangement. They vary in size and height. The %26#039;Frog%26#039; is a round disc that has holes which are layered in height. The holes are short from outside and get higher to the inside. these are usually used in clear vases.

Floral foam can be inserted into a non clear vase and will soak up water to help keep the flowers drinking. Just cut with knife to fit the vase. This is a better versatility, as the shorter flowers can also be used. Hope this helps.
Reply:Take a nice vase, cut the ends of your flowers and plonk them in. Simple as that - the more contrived your arrangement, the less natural it is.affiliate

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