Monday, April 13, 2009

Name my homebase business?

I%26#039;m a baker %26amp; cake decorator, I can make anything you want in shapes, i use Fondant icing, buttercream, meringue, home made, i want to get a website for my homebase business but i can%26#039;t get a nice name, i%26#039;m very creative so all my cake will have my style. I also like making sugarflowers or gumpaste flowers arrangements or loose flowers like roses etc. i can also make sugarpaste fruits, my cake are not the regular cakes i make cake batter the dominican style, is me find a beautiful and unique name that no one have it....i apprecciate any effort thanks
Name my homebase business?
FlowersBirthday FlowersSympathy FlowersSweet Bites

Tasty Treats

Sugar Baby

Candy Cakes

Candy Kisses

Sugar Plum Sweets

Special Sweets

The sweet shop

Dainty Delights

Surprise Sweets

Fairy Cakes

Unforgettable Delights

Terrific Tastes

Maybe you could incorporate your name into the name of your business too which would make it very personal

good luck
Reply:Designed the words %26quot;Sweet Tooth,%26quot; and it should go over quite well.
Reply:How about %26quot;dolce shannia%26quot;?
Reply:Shannia sounds great to me
Reply:if you email me your name and then i can suggest a company name for you...i%26#039;m a logo designer you

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