Monday, April 13, 2009

Did he/she surprise you?

Today my fiance had the most beautiful flower arrangement (red roses and stargazer lillies) delivered to me today at work. No birthday or anniversary; his note said just because he loved me. Made my heart melt.

So please respond with any nice stories about how the one you love did something nice and unexpected for you.
Did he/she surprise you?
FlowersBirthday FlowersSympathy FlowersMy husband has done that for me also. We%26#039;re not big on doing things for each other cuz the date says so. I love it! But he will also do things such as show up with pantyhose cuz he heard me say that I just got a run in my last pair (I have to wear them for work). I went to take a bath once and said %26quot;Damn, I%26#039;m out of bubble bath %26quot; and the next day it was in the bathroom. I was complaining about the boxes for the Christmas ornaments being a mess and he brought home plastic boxes made just for storing them. He does stuff like that all the time. It%26#039;s awesome.
Reply:Me and husband had been married for about a year. We own a horse ranch but I also work for the state roads office. So I got up fed the horses and left for work I got home about 5 cooked dinner (I just had a really long bad day) but I had to go feed the horses. I opened the barn doors and there stood a wonderful Tennessee walker (new horse) with a big green bow around his neck (green is my favorite color) and a tag on it said %26quot;your new love, from your first love. Hon, I love you forever and for always. %26quot; It was a great surprise.
Reply:yea my (then) fiance used to do things like that. It used to get the girls at work jealous. He used to have flowers waiting for me when I got off work, deliveries to work almost EVERY day, dinner cooked, house cleaned and then.... after we got married it stopped

Enjoy it now, it usually stops when the good gets going lol
Reply:I wish! I am a romantic at heart, but my fiance is not the doer in our relationship. I do all I can to get him to do more, but he says he doesn%26#039;t know what to do for me. I told him just to do something and not wait for me to make something happen. You are lucky, I would love to get something %26quot;just because%26quot;. Good luck in the relationship, I hope you get all you want.
Reply:I was dating (and still am) a girl in a different state. We didn%26#039;t get to see each other much. I couldn%26#039;t ask her out because I was shy. So, I asked her co-workers if she was single. They said, %26quot;yes.%26quot; I ended-up sending her a nice flower arrangement with a note that said %26quot;A Dozen Flowers for just one date.%26quot; She never called. But, I saw her 1 month later. We%26#039;ve been dating ever since. Another thing I did was sent her a Tiffany pendant (heart that says %26quot;I Love You%26quot;) spur-of-the-moment.

For someone in the past, it was Valentine%26#039;s Day. I told her to be at my place at a certain time in something dressy. I spent that day cooking her a nice meal; shrimp cocktail, citrus salad, filet, mini cake. I used cookie cutters to make everything in heart-shapes (steak included). Hires a violinist and set-up the table next to the window that overlooked the gulf of mexico. We married, had kids and then she turned into an alcoholic and cheater. Throughout the marriage I%26#039;d buy her tiffany and yurman jewlery on a whim (not to metion other things). She found someone with more money that gives her more gifts. I guess I won%26#039;t spoil anyone anymore.
Reply:i drove to work in my old 1990 chevy and drove home in my 2008 hummer!White Teeth

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