Monday, April 13, 2009

My inlaws wont return my mothers vase...?

My parents let my inlaws take a flower arrangement from my husband and my wedding, with the agreement that the vase that the flowers were in would be returned to my mother.

She is a florist and needs it for her next wedding. Its been 3 months now, my husband and I asked them to bring it to a family birthday party, but they didn%26#039;t.

My mother has tried contacting them several times, however they don%26#039;t respond. My husband isn%26#039;t on good terms with his parents but at least they answer his phone calls. I think my husband should just give them a call, and let them know that its important that they let her get back the vase. My mother has offered to go get it, even if they want to leave it on the porch. What do you think we should do?

My husband thinks its awkward to ask them for it. I think that since they are ignoring everyone else, and he is the only one who they answer their phone to, its his responsibility.

My inlaws wont return my mothers vase...?
FlowersBirthday FlowersSympathy FlowersYour husband needs to be a man and take responsibility. They are his parents and they have your mothers vase, if his call is the only call they pick up, then he needs to call and get the vase back regardless of what terms they%26#039;re on.

It%26#039;s not fair that your parents have to suffer because his parents are rude and he%26#039;s too stingy to call. Make him call and tell him to man up!
Reply:No matter what term your husband is with his family he should be the oen that gone to pick the vase

I have a feeling that soemthing happen to the vase
Reply:your husband should help you. it%26#039;s probably broken....
Reply:No, it%26#039;s not his responsibility. It%26#039;s your mothers, because she let them take it in the first place. Now don%26#039;t get mad, because there is plenty of blame to go around. It%26#039;s also both of your fault, for letting so much time pass. If it was so important to get the vase back. Then you should have grabbed your husband, got in the car and gone to get it. Or simply replaced the thing, with a new one. That is if it is not a family heirloom. In which case, go, do not call your in laws,and get the thing and have it over with.
Reply:The agreement was made between your parents and the inlaws. Your parents need to show up at the inlaws house and tell them to hand over the vase or pay for the cost of it. And if they refuse to do so, then take it up in court.
Reply:I think it%26#039;s kind of sad that you haven%26#039;t been to his parents in the 3 months that you%26#039;ve been married. It%26#039;s probably being held hostage.

Stop over with a gift of coffee or a cake, stay for a while to talk, then when it%26#039;s time to leave say %26quot;Oh, by the way I%26#039;ll save you the trip and take the vase now%26quot;.
Reply:Send the man. If it%26#039;s desperate, actually wait on their porch. They%26#039;ll hafta come out or go in sometime.
Reply:Have you, your mom or your husband drive over and just get the vase. If that doesn%26#039;t work, call the police and they can escort you over to get the darned thing. And then never, never give them anything you expect returned again because man, this is a sad, sad situation. Who cares if there%26#039;s trauma drama, just go get it.
Reply:You in-laws obviously KNOW your mother wants it back. They simply have no intention of returning it. You husband should call them and plan to go over. He shouldn%26#039;t mention the vase because that will only make them hide it. When he goes over, right before he leaves, he should just say something like, %26quot;Oh! That%26#039;s so and so%26#039;s. She says she%26#039;s doing a wedding next week, so she%26#039;ll probably need it. I%26#039;ll return it for you.%26quot; Then he should pick it up, and walk out. When they make an excuse he can tell them he%26#039;s going to see your parents the next day and is saving his parents the trouble and your mother the delay. They may be pissed, but since he already isn%26#039;t on good terms with them, he doesn%26#039;t have much to lose.
Reply:tell your husband to cowboy up ... get it backnanny

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