Monday, April 13, 2009

What is the childest act in public that you have seen from an adult?

My husband and I were at a company Christmas party a couple of years ago. They always have games and contests. One of the things they also did was every table had a beautiful flower arrangement on it. On the bottom of the flower vase was a sticker with a number. On the bottom of your dinner plate was also a number. If your number matched the number on the vase you got to take home the flower arrangement. Well, guess what? I won it!! I never ever win things! Any ways this one woman at our table was so upset for not winning. You should of seen her face! Like a little kid she pouted! She wouldn%26#039;t stop bitching that she didn%26#039;t win! Her husband was already so embarrassed by her behaviour! She gave me dirty looks for winning! Well when the party was over and we were all leaving, I gave her the flowers and said Merry Christmas! She accepted it with a big smile! My husband said, WOW, I wouldn%26#039;t of given it to her, you won it fare and square! What a Baby!! We still laugh over that!
What is the childest act in public that you have seen from an adult?
FlowersBirthday FlowersSympathy Flowerslol good on you, i%26#039;d probably have given her one flower just for kicks lol.

i%26#039;ve seen husbands begging their wives for cakes and things to go in the trolley when shopping - it%26#039;s like a lil kid going %26quot;mummy, please can i have some sweets!%26quot; and throwing a strop lol
Reply:wow, i would not have given her the flowers because she was whining and is obviously used to get wat she wants that way...and as for things ive seen adults do...well ive seen them stomp their feet like little kids do until they get wat they want and an assortment of other things
Reply:I like your style! That woman should have been so embarassed but she is a grown up brat. I saw a woman start crying when the store was all out of some kind of stupid yarn that was on sale. OMG. What a baby! It wasn%26#039;t like it was the last gallon of milk and she had a hungry baby at home!
Reply:My 30 year old friend shitting his pants at a bar, drunk.
Reply:when grown men and women decide it would be funny to have a game of %26quot;bogies%26quot; in the middle of a shopping centre- might be funny but aren%26#039;t they getting a little old for that?
Reply:I saw a grown up (30%26#039;s ?) lady of oriental origin get on our bus and throw a temper tantrum by jumping up and down and screaming because she lost her ticket. The driver was very professional though and just calmly directed her to the ticket office as if nothing had happened.flower

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