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What is left to do 2 weeks before the wedding - because I have an amazing opportunity?

I am getting married on October 1st. I am trying to get everything I can think of done now... dress alterations, catering, cake, make the flower arrangements and bouquets, make the favors, etc.

What is there usually left to do 2 weeks before the wedding? I have the opportunity to take a week long workshop where I would get to work with masters in my field. It would be a lot of fun and it would be very helpful, however, I would be away from home and computers (probably) for a full 5 or 6 days. I%26#039;ve been trying to get to do such a workshop for a few years now and this one is the most convenient and doable... other than the timing. Am I insane for even considering it? Or would it be a nice break from all of the wedding stuff?

Thank you for your insight.
What is left to do 2 weeks before the wedding - because I have an amazing opportunity?
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Pick up your marriage license.

Confirm rehearsal plans with your officiant and church wedding coordinator.

Obtain any legal information regarding changing your name for: Drivers License, Social Security Card, Vehicle Documents, Credit Cards, Bank Accounts, Investment Accounts, Passport, Change of Address Card with Post Office, Insurance Policies, Voter Registration Card, Subscriptions, Employment Records, Billing Address/Name Change.

Arrange to begin moving into your new residence if applicable.

Give approximate guest tally to caterer.

Complete floor and seating plan for reception.

Confirm all delivery dates.

Make preliminary seating arrangements.

Prepare lists for ushers, band, photographer/videographer.

Confirm arrival time for all attendants.

Check parking arrangements.

Purchase a wedding gift for your soon-to-be spouse %26amp; wrap it.


Call any guests that haven%26#039;t sent back their response card (there will almost always be a few).

Give the caterer a finalized head count.

Make any last minute seating arrangements/adjustments.

Give your DJ or Band a list of songs you would like to have played on your wedding day.

Send out more Thank You notes to guests that won%26#039;t be attending the wedding but have sent you a gifts since you wrote out the previous group of Thank You notes.

Organize your wedding day attire, make sure you try everything on %26amp; it fits perfectly.

Confirm honeymoon reservations.

Confirm reservations for out-of-town guests.

Pack your honeymoon suitcase.

Pick up passports (if necessary).

Gather all necessary documents for travel.

Confirm rehearsal plans with attendants and request that they arrive on time.

Confirm reservations for the rehearsal dinner.

Pick up formalwear. Be sure to try everything on %26amp; make sure all your accessories are there.

Your Groom%26#039;s bachelor party should be during this week prior to the wedding. Remind him to be on his best behavior!

Pack your wedding day emergency kit. Or make sure the one you purchased from Wedding Cram%26#039;s Online store is packed and ready to go!

Have a relaxing massage.


Decorate for the ceremony and reception, early in the day, or at least be there to give decorating orders. Confirm the delivery times with your party rental shop.

Get a manicure and pedicure.

Take a steamy relaxing bath.

Put rings and license in a safe place.

Try to be at least 20 minutes early to your rehearsal dinner to greet your guests.

Give out bridal party gifts at the rehearsal dinner.

Make sure that the Best Man is given the officiant%26#039;s fee in a sealed %26quot;Thank You For Your Services%26quot; envelope (if it hasn%26#039;t been given to the officiant at the rehearsal).

Try to get a good night%26#039;s sleep!

but if you could get all this done before your workshop (which you could) go for it!
Reply:I say go to the workshop. If you can get everything organized and lined up you should be ready to go. I am in the final 2 weeks and the only thing I am doing now is just the phone call to the Baker, Florist, and such to just make sure we are still on and ready to go. I too went ahead and finalized things that could have been done way back when.

Good Luck!!
Reply:I have been involved with several friends%26#039; weddings (plus my own), and usually there isn%26#039;t a lot to do that close to the wedding. I would say get everything done that you possibly can beforehand, and designate a bridesmaid or family member to serve as a contact for any of your vendors for that week in case something comes up. Set a timeline for the week before the wedding to make sure everything will be covered, and then have fun!
Reply:Take the opportunity! It sounds like you have everything taken care of, and it probably will be a nice break from all of the planning. Most hotels have compute access, if you think you%26#039;ll need it. Leave your wedding service providers your cell phone number, in case they need to reach you, and just let them know you%26#039;ll be out of town in case an emergency arises. Best wishes!
Reply:It would be a great break for you. However, as long as it%26#039;s done by the weekend before the wedding - you will need to be around the week of...
Reply:You%26#039;re not insane! Actually you%26#039;re lucky to have time to do this before your wedding. Do it if you think you wont get too distracted. It could be the relaxing therapy you need before the wedding and actually calm your nerves?

Just remember though, %26quot;something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue!%26quot;

Good luck!
Reply:Just because you are getting married it does not mean your life is over, you should definitely go on the course if it is something you have been wanting for a long time. Enlist the help of your fiance, bridesmaid and mother and mother in law to help with any last minute unexpected happenings while you are away, if there is anything drastic that happens i am sure they could call you to discuss it.
Reply:I think you should do it. If you%26#039;re planning everything that you think can get planned now, you can always have your mom or someone else take care of tiny details while you%26#039;re away. This is furthering your career, and you and your husbands livelihood later on! Good Luck and Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials.
Reply:If you have a good man. You should be fine. My wife got sick the week before our wedding and I took over everything. Men are not all morons when it comes to this stuff. If you are marring him he should know what you like and don%26#039;t. You should take your workshop it sounds like a great oppertunity. In fact after you leave for the workshop don%26#039;t let him see you until you come down the isle. It will make the day all the more special. A good man would not only understand but would not let you pass up this oppertunity. He can handle it just give him a chance.
Reply:go do it give yourself a break! Make sure everything is paid for and you have your rings and marriage license all set before you go away! Have Fun!!
Reply:I just got married on July 1st... the week previous to that - I was out of town on business from Sunday to Wednesday. It was the best thing! I was gone - out of town - out of control. I left a small list of minor things that needed to be done... but it was very relaxing to just be away!! GO! do it. It will be a stress relief!
Reply:You should go to the workshop. All the major wedding things can be taken care of before, and what needs to be done can be done by your fiance, who is 50% of this after all.

The workshop may impact your lives and marriage for decades; the wedding is a party that lasts one day. How good the party is has no effect on how good the marriage will be.
Reply:As long as you%26#039;ve stuck to your plan, and have everything as ready to go as possible, go to the workshop! You may want to sit down with someone you trust to put them %26quot;in charge%26quot; incase anything unexpected comes up while you%26#039;re gone--like your fiance or the MoH
Reply:You should go you would not want to pass up that kind of opportunity. If you have planned everything out you should be fine.
Reply:I%26#039;m 3.5 weeks away from my wedding at this point and there is still a lot left to do! But, if you plan well you should be ok as long as you will be back for that last week before your wedding. The major stuff you%26#039;d want done before you leave (assuming you%26#039;ve been planning all along and have your vendors lined up!) is to get your marriage license, make sure your programs are made, favors are taken care of, thank you gifts for the bridal party have been purchased, your dress has been altered, the guest list is finalized, place cards have been taken care of, and that everyone knows when and where they need to be concerning the wedding/rehearsal/any other events. Your groom can take care of any emergencies and phone calls to confirm everything with vendors can take place when you get back. I%26#039;d definitely go if you think the above list can be done beforehand! Hope this helps! Congrats and good luck :-)
Reply:YOU MUST TAKE THE CHANCE to do the work shop!

Since you say that you have been trying to go on the work shop for years how could you not! This is an investment in your career that you can benefit from for years to come, not just planning for ONE DAY, and even if there are some bumps along the way on your wedding day, it doesn%26#039;t matter, because you have the foresight to see that the workshop will benefit your career and relationship with your sweet heart

I am more suprised that you would consider passing the opprotunity to stay and plan wedding stuff!

get your fiance on board to help you while you are away!

You may regret it if you don%26#039;t rake the chance now!!
Reply:Yes, go to the workshop!
Reply:The two weeks before the wedding can be very hectic and stressful. You should not take this workshop. You owe it to your upcoming marriage to put all you have in to the wedding, not a fun workshop.

Think of this is a test for the future... the marriage has to always be the first priority or it will never work.

Congrats on the nuptials.
Reply:try to addopt your husbands attitude towards everything so that you two will not fight in anything that your different atShoes

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