Monday, April 13, 2009

Aaadd funny or not?

I have recently been diagnosed with AAADD: Age Activated Attention

Deficit Disorder

This is how it goes…

I decide to wash the car and start toward the garage when I notice

the mail on the table. I figure I might as well go through the mail

before washing the car. I lay my keys down on the desk, sort the

mail and discard the junk mail.

As I discard the junk mail, I see that the garbage can is full. I lay

the bills down on the desk and pick up the trash can. Then I figure

that since I’ll be going near the mailbox while taking out the

trash, I may as well pay these few bills first.

Now where did I put my checkbook? Ah, here it is! Oops, there’s only

one check left. My extra checks are in the other room.

Oh! There’s the soda I was drinking earlier! Hmmm, I guess I’d better

take it out to the kitchen and discard it.

On the way to the kitchen, my flower arrangement catches my eye and

I realize it needs more water. I pour the soda down the sink.
Aaadd funny or not?
FlowersBirthday FlowersSympathy FlowersGreat joke, but alas it comes to us all at some point. 10/10+star.
Reply:i%26#039;m not alone any more!!!
Reply:Hey welcome to my world!!!!

Fantastic, again!

20/10 *

Tink xxx
Reply:HAHAHA !!! LOL! Sounds like the old man named Clem telling his checkers partner, Ray...%26quot;Last night I had sex with a younger woman who said she wanted to stay by my side till death do us part!%26quot; %26amp; Ray says... %26quot;Oh yeh? Well where is she now?%26quot; Clem replies %26quot;I don%26#039;t know, I forgot where I LAID her!%26quot;
Reply:Now this one I can relate to!
Reply:this is so true. that happens to people. i give it a 10/10.
Reply:lmfao! thx for the laughs..;-)
Reply:lol sounds like my day
Reply:Sounds like one of my days!
Reply:Don%26#039;t get this one either, I either need a sense of humour or it%26#039;s just not funny, sorry
Reply:another gd 1 pmsl 10/10

even thou u hv posted it b4 lol x
Reply:haha sounds exactly like my dad! =]
Reply:lol yup welcome to my life! that is so me, only difference being is i get more done as I%26#039;m trying to do everything at once but forget on my way exactly what I%26#039;m doing, but i do other things in it%26#039;s place so at least somethings getting done lol if that makes any sense to you at all. (hope it does) x =)
Reply:oh my god that sounds like me and i%26#039;m only 23!!flower

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