Monday, April 13, 2009

Funeral donations?

My boss who I have worked for just passed away. Im not sure how much to donate to the charities that they have selected. And I would also like to send a flower arrangement. Is it not appropriate to send a flower arangement when they have charities listed in the obit. It is a boss but we are like family and he was the second generation of the founder and we will be continueing to work for the son who took over. They are the best bosses in the world and have done a lot for us, we are family. Any advice.
Funeral donations?
FlowersBirthday FlowersSympathy FlowersIf you really want to do something, I would donate to the charities. Figure out how much you would spend on the flower arrangement and spend that amount on your donation.

I would also suggest getting a collection together for a company-wide donation for flowers so that everyone can feel involved. It sounds like the owners are very appreciated there.
Reply:Don%26#039;t send flowers if it says %26quot;donations to XYZ charities in lieu of flowers%26quot;. Find out how much a funeral wreath or other type of floral arrangement would cost and send that amount to the charity.
Reply:best bet would be a staff collection for the funeral arrangement which judging by what you said would be no problem along with IF the members of staff wished to also add a few dollars to one of the charities that they pick from the list as a separate donation.

Who ever does the collection tin, make sure that they account for everything, flowers, a card from all staff that donated to be sent to the family...............if anything left over ask if they could pick TWO out of the list for the remainder to be sent to.

Reply:Do not sent flowers, send donation to their charity,If you want, you can buy a bouquet of flowers, and take them as an above and beyond gesture.super nanny

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