Monday, April 13, 2009

My brother did'nt give me anything for the birth of my baby...?

its been almost a year. A week after my baby was born he visited me at home and did%26#039;nt bring me or anybody anything. I did%26#039;nt receive a greeting card nor flowers. I know he did%26#039;nt forget cause one of my relatives asked him to pitch in with a bigger gift and he never got back with him.

What the f is wrong with him? I even purchased a flower arrangement for his girlfriend who was in the hospital, during the time I was pregnant.

Now I%26#039;m wondering wether I should tell him that I%26#039;m kinda mad at him -and why- or just leave it at that??

Forgiving is out of the question....
My brother did%26#039;nt give me anything for the birth of my baby...?
FlowersBirthday FlowersSympathy FlowersI would let it say the baby is almost a year old.send him an invite to first birthday and jot down a couple toys she may like as %26#039;suggestions%26#039; of a gift he may like to get her.

Most guys dont think about gift giving.dont be angry at him as it is a guy thing.They also dont think to much about cards......a suggestion would be to give him a calender with the families birthdays,anniversaries etc.It will then be up to him to check the calander for any upcomming events.
Reply:A gift is given from the heart not something you demand or command from someone. His heart just isnt interested. I dont think this is worth being mad about. Many guys are like this.
Reply:Then never speak to him again.
Reply:Was he previously known to be a big gift giver? If not, you are expecting too much. There is no obligation on anyone to give someone else a gift, and guys are least likely to give gifts--and probably the last gift they would give is a gift for having a baby. Maybe he does not have lots of excess money either, and people tend to expect things from everyone whether they can afford it or not. Let it go, nothing to anguish over, so he did not get you a present. Big deal. Lots more important things in life to sweat about.
Reply:What the F is wrong with you??? U at least have family that was there on your special occasions. If you want material things go shopping. Many people have no one in there familys left on this earth. Stop being a materalistic self centered spoiled brat %26amp; get over yourself, If you want to report me for stating the truth go for it. He gave u his time %26amp; showed up. Be gratefull
Reply:I%26#039;d suggest telling him that you%26#039;re upset with him because of him not giving a gift or even just a simple card to you or for the baby.. Remind him about the fact that you gave his g/f a girt when you were in the HOSPITAL PREGNANT EXPECTING THE BABY..
Reply:brothers can be a jerk...just let it go and don%26#039;t do anything for him in the future
Reply:Who cares!? I got two different girls pregnant and I%26#039;m in college!
Reply:I have to agree w/%26quot;streaker%26quot; leave it alone It%26#039;s almost been a year. Just don%26#039;t jump up %26amp; buy %26amp; send stuff so readily if you are doing it for repayment then it%26#039;s better to just keep your money !! Gifts should be given freely from the heart w/no expectations in return!!
Reply:I%26#039;d leave it alone.

I have 2 brothers, I%26#039;ve been married twice and neither of my brothers were at either of my weddings, which suited me because I never invited them anyway.

Family sucks, you can pick your friends but not your family members, so I keep my contact with my family to a minimum.

I%26#039;m pregnant with my first child, don%26#039;t want or expect anything from my brothers when my baby is born, they won%26#039;t be invited to the christening and that will suit everybody fine.
Reply:Well sometimes it is hard for a man to think about these things, and apparently his girlfriend isn%26#039;t doing such a good job at pointing these things out huh? I would leave it at that......don%26#039;t make a big deal about it now, and just show the same respect towards him and you receive ya know.

Good luck!
Reply:Just because you had a baby doesnt mean you need a gift every time. If you had 50 babies,i wouldnt get u 50 things either. Take a break, ur baby doesnt care, only u do, brat!c++

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