Monday, April 13, 2009

So called friend!?

I have a friend for fifteen years. We went to HS, ran track and went the same college for awhile. three years ago she got married and I was maid of honor. We had problems in the friendship before, but managed to stay in contact. I broke my back and bank trying to do the bridesmaids duties, beautiful wedding shower, bachelorette party, went to the planning meetings, helped make flower arrangements, etc. Then the night before the wedding at practice. I found out I wouldn%26#039;t be in the maid of honor position her cousin would be, as the matron of honor. Everyone was surprised, bridesmaids and grooms family tried to talk her out of it, but she made up her mind. A few months later. She is pregnant and I am named godmother. I threw her baby shower, helped with 1st Bday. Today, was his 2nd Bday party bought B-cake, gift, made quilt and someone said the child%26#039;s godparents were coming. Refering to someone else! I saw the look on her face and knew it was true. What to do?
So called friend!?
FlowersBirthday FlowersSympathy FlowersDrop this %26quot;friend%26quot; faster than you would ticking bomb. She is using you and will continue to use you as long as you let her. If I were in your shoes I%26#039;d quit answering her phone calls/emails etc.... If any of her other friends/relatives ask why just tell them %26quot;She knows why.%26quot; and leave it at that. It%26#039;s really hard to suddenly drop a friend so abruptly but go back an read what you wrote. If someone else had written the above what would your response be? Be strong and as time passes it%26#039;ll get easier. Good Luck!!!!!!
Reply:I would confront your friend. Fifteen years is a long time and you have invested a good deal in this person. I wouldn%26#039;t throw it away without a fight. The things your friend has done sound pretty hurtful. You need to tell her how upset you are, both about the wedding and the godparents. You have every right to question your friendship. After you get everything out in the open then see how you feel. Good luck! I hope she turns out to be the friend you deserve.
Reply:I dont want to go anymore, and i never fix the friendship relationship because its not good and its not worth and that kind of things its mean your friend does not care for you and never give importance your friendship..
Reply:yu dont need friends like her. shes using you and taking adavntage of you. since she sees your %26quot;Okay%26quot; with this, she continues to do so. I would break off the %26quot;Friendship%26quot;
Reply:So you think she is using you? she is an adult she doesnt need your help she is old and responsible to do it herself or have other people do it for hernanny

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