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I need wedding reception ideas for a late June wedding (in 2008) with an American color scheme.?

Off-hand I am thinking of table decorations, favor ideas that revolve around sparklers and flower arrangement ideas off the top of my head.. Plus anything and everything else you guys can think of to make my day special, unique and one of a kind!!!!
I need wedding reception ideas for a late June wedding (in 2008) with an American color scheme.?
FlowersBirthday FlowersSympathy Flowersyou could do a centerpieces of clear glass bowles have blue or red stones at the bottom and a white candle (floating). On the tables you could have different color table clothes One red with blue napkins a blue one with red napkinsandthen have the wedding party table white with red and blue napkins.Here are a cople of ideals for favors a candy or candle . Check the links below

Do check out your local craft store thay might be able to come up with more ideals to.

Good luck.
Reply:Red, white and blue
Reply:Be really delicate in how you include red white and blue. It%26#039;s a great combo. Pick one of those colors and make that your MAIN color. For instance:

Red as the main color: bridesmaids in red, red roses/flowers for decorations, primarily red invites, chocolate favors in red boxes with a white ribbon with your name written in blue.

Use blue and white for hints of color. For instance, your invites can have a red front. Go with a postcard style invite. Put your writing in blue on the back. A photo of you in black and white on the front. Carry red and white flowers down the aisle and have your bouquet tied with blue ribbon. Same goes for your bridesmaides.

Surround your table centerpiece with silver gilttery stars.

Use or red white table lines. If you use red table linens, get white chair covers and use a blue bow tie for them!

Maybe have blue candles coming out of your central display (floral or other). Or, if you prefer have your sparklers protruding out of your central display.

If you really like spraklers, it%26#039;d be neat to have the hotel (or wherever your getting married) put off a hold bunch as you and your new husband go through the doors/entrance to your reception.

Just ideas. Hope they help!
Reply:There are several sites that may help. they have patriotic favors. Table decorations as well as

Consider doing fireworks. I went to a wedding that featured that and quite cool! Go also to 4th of july wedding on Google even though that is not when your wedding is it still offeres alot of ideas such as above mentioned and floral. Much it fun and different! Best of everything!
Reply:Friends of mine got married 4th of July weekend a few years ago. For the reception they had a B-B-Q theme with checkered table clothes and just simple vases with red, white, and blue carnations with silver spirals. The reception was very tasteful. The wedding itself was very elegent with red white and blue flowers. The brides maids wore red dresses. The ring bearer wore a navy blue tux that had shorts. The flower girls wore blue and white dresses. Instead of baskets they carried metal pails with white and red rose petals.
Reply:It all really depends on your location. (Outdoors? Indoors? A large grassy area or a church reception hall?)

For starters, let%26#039;s start with the basics: a theme. You could do the glitzy end of July 4th, with lots of sparkle and kitsch. That%26#039;s fun... if it%26#039;s not overdone. You have to watch out to walk that line for yourself and your guests.

When you say %26quot;American%26quot; color scheme, the first thing that pops into my head is Americana, like East Coast/Pennsylvania style. Not %26quot;country%26quot; but more shabby chic. For this, you%26#039;ll want to consider a deeper crimson red and a navy blue with antiqued country white for colors. Think simple.

For table decorations, consider putting antiqued white wooden elements together with your greenery. A charming wooden birdhouse can be bought cheap at most arts %26amp; crafts stores (Michael%26#039;s; Hobby Lobby; Garden Ridge... sometimes even Wal-Mart) and spray-painted to look antique. Tie an accent colored cranberry ribbon around it for a simple and cost-effective accessory. Sometimes these stores also have church-shaped cut-outs pre-formed for painting.

Alternatively, heart-shaped wooden cut-outs could be spray-antiqued and laid among greenery (I%26#039;m thinking trails of ivy and other green succulents and simple red roses and/or daisies interwoven) either along serving tables or made into circles for wreaths at tables (assuming you do one of the ever-popular hurricane candle table centerpieces). In lieu of the hurricane, though, you should look around your local craft stores and thrift markets for old (or old-looking!) lanterns. They would lend charm and character to any reception table, plus they add the benefit of securing a candle%26#039;s flame.

For centerpieces at dining tables you don%26#039;t want something too tall, or else your guests can%26#039;t see each other to converse when seated at the table. (the aforementioned lantern idea would be a good height to stay under.) You can have a few tall pieces scattered throughout your event space, though (e.g., on the cake tables and Bride%26#039;s table). For those taller centerpieces, it%26#039;s a lovely idea (and one I used in a similar manner at my own English Garden-themed wedding) to take a tall garden bucket (tall enough to hold long-stemmed roses - about 16 to 20 inches height) and fill it with roses. The bucket can retain its natural metal color or be antiqued. For interest, tie ribbons of two varying colors and widths into bows on the handles and let the ribbon ends trail down about 8 inches down the bucket.

I would suggest finding a few Americana-inspired fabrics that you like and using them to layer over your table linens. Making simple squares of fabric to lay under your centerpiece can add depth and convey a theme very effectively, and they%26#039;re very simple to sew (like sewing a napkin - all you have to do is hem). You can dress the edges up with grosgrain ribbon or beads, and it adds a lot of depth.

Another floral option is to take cranberry, ivory, and navy florals and arrange them in stripes (of varying widths) around a styrofoam ball (12 inches or so in diameter would be most dramatic). Then place the ball on the diagonal in the middle of the table and let coordinating ribbons radiate out from it on the table. You could do multiple sizes and group them on a table for a very chic look.

Finally, you could have your departure through a tunnel of fireworks sparklers.... a friend of mine did that, and it was very elegant and made a wonderful picture. Hand out the sparklers and have everyone do a mock-military sword salute tunnel while holding the sparklers up for you and your husband to run under. Don%26#039;t worry, unless you have LOTS of guests, the sparklers probably won%26#039;t hurt your wedding dress.

Best of luck!
Reply:How about red and white striped tableclothes and some blue, star-shaped glitter strewn around? You could name the tables (if there%26#039;s pre-arranged seating) after national monuments of major historical figures. Serve the sort of food you%26#039;d have at a Fourth of July picnic, like potato salad, and grilled chicken.

Whatever you choose, have fun with your theme, but don%26#039;t go too overboard. A few touches will amuse and delight your guests. A few too many will make them wonder if you%26#039;re really taking things

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