Monday, April 13, 2009

Anybody here know what cut roses symbolise in dreams...The FREAKIEST coincidence(!!!)...?

This morning I called my mother (VERY rare for me to call her in the morning, before work) and during our conversation, we discovered we had both had eerily similar dreams. In her dream, she was in a flower shop, watching one of her co-workers cutting roses for a flower arrangement. She said there were peices of cut stems/leaves all over the table. In my dream, I was doing some work at a table, and left the room for a minute. When I came back, there were rose cuttings all over my work table, which annoyed me greatly. I haven%26#039;t been able to find any info on the internet as to the meaning of our dreams, specifically. I did find out that withered roses signify the death or the parting or absence of loved ones. I had a scary thought that if withered roses symbolise death, maybe cut roses symbolise murder (or being %26quot;killed%26quot;, as in a car accident). What makes this even more bizarre, is that at around 4am. a music box (that plays the song %26quot;Noel%26quot;) started playing on it%26#039;s own and woke me.
Anybody here know what cut roses symbolise in dreams...The FREAKIEST coincidence(!!!)...?
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Reply:i have had some what of the same dream. if u have someone who has just passed they are trying to tell u that they r ok. u may also hear wind chimes or their fav. song out if no where. dont freak out they are just telin u that their ok and that they miss u and maybe tellin u to move on if u havent already.
Reply:You are in love with your co-worker,which will break your Mothers heart.
Reply:i really don%26#039;t know but my guess will be someone being detached from a love one from emotions or something tragic.
Reply:I wouldn%26#039;t know the significance of the cut roses, but the fact that your mom and you were dreaming of the same thing indicates you two are very closely connected psychically.

I would look to a common loved one, perhaps who has passed on, and might be trying to contact both of you.

Here%26#039;s my Mom%26#039;s experience. I had moved cross country from my Mom and we missed each other. For Christmas I sent her a music box that had a little girl who looked like me, and played a song from my childhood %26quot;A song of love is a sad song%26quot;. I was across a continent from her when I went onto labor with my first baby. We decided not to call her until after the birth. At the exact moment of my daughter%26#039;s birth (adjusted by time zones..) the music box suddenly spontaneously started to play.

My Mom was totally startled, but said to my Dad-- The baby is born! Within a few minutes my husband called my mom and gave her the news.

Cool, huh?puppy teeth

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