Monday, April 13, 2009

Flower problem?

I worked at Michael%26#039;s Arts and Crafts this summer and I know how to make bouquets and arrangements. So I am making my own. The problem is..I don%26#039;t know where to find lime green silk cymbidium orchids. I really never saw at Michael%26#039;s. Where could I buy some from?
Flower problem?
FlowersBirthday FlowersSympathy Flowersgo to they have them!

1-23 are $2.29 each

24 + are $1.99 each

good for you making your own! i did all our daughter%26#039;s bouquets and found it quite easy to work with the silks and found michael%26#039;s to be pretty good quality. it saved us quite a bit of money as all the supplies for bouquet%26#039;s could be purchased at mikey%26#039;s!

good luck and happy wedding!
Reply:They%26#039;re kinda expensive though.
Reply:Ask someone you work with if they know of another place that sells them. Joanne%26#039;s sometimes carries silk flowers.
Reply:All i could tell you is to look online and see if you can order them from somewhere or if michaels or any other craft stores can special order them for you.
Reply:Here, try this website. It may be able to help...

http: // www.hibiscusflorals. com/ Product_Information/ Product_71.htmskin disease

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