Monday, April 13, 2009

Angels Accents?

I was thinking of using them for my wedding flowers so that I could keep them forever as a flower arrangement afterwards. I got an estimate email in which it stated that they were going to contact me yesterday. I never received the call. I am hesitant to use them yet I absolutely love the work that they do. Not a bridezilla, I just do not want to put a 200 deposit down on a person that cannot contact me.

Any experience with them out there?
Angels Accents?
FlowersBirthday FlowersSympathy FlowersNever even heard of them, but if they can%26#039;t even contact you to secure your business then they don%26#039;t deserve you business. This is an indicator of what their service would be like in the future, do you want to take the risk?yahoo finance

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  1. This is Angelyn Edwall, owner & designer, of Angel's Accents. This person must have misread their estimate because we always ask for a specific time and date they would like to be contacted. We have never put in a set time without consulting the client first. We ask that the client responds to the estimate within 72 hours to set up their consultation time. Never did we here back from this person after the initial estimate was sent.