Monday, April 13, 2009



flowers (except in teal and lylic)

Some decoration

Jewlery pluse much much more

Cake toppers OR some type of snowglobe

the cake

My colors are teal and lylic and the theam if you cant tell is snowflakes.

if anybody has any other ideas please let me know
FlowersBirthday FlowersSympathy FlowersI love all your decisions...except for the furry shoes:)

the 2nd cake is better than the first.

it%26#039;s going to be a beautiful wedding:)

Reply:The first link for shoes, and the second link for cake. Don%26#039;t like the glass topper, like the one on the link.

Flowers are pretty, especially in teal and LILAC.

Are you hanging snowflakes from the ceiling? What about behind the head table?

- just answered your other question, too.
Reply:I dont think yu should wear an open toed shoe, its winter and you are really following through with that theme, I think a closed toe would be better. maybe a white satin slingback like this or if you chose the 4th dress with the sleeves, this shoe would look awesome with it

The links for the jewelry and decorations didnt work

The flowers, you are going to have a hard time with Hydrangea in the dead of winter, they are a summer flower and you may have to really pay through the nose to get them. Dont rule out roses, they are a really sturdy flower and can withstand cold temps.

I think the cake topper you have chosen is way to subtle for the cakes you like, I think you will need something more flashy. For the castle cake I would suggest this for the second cake I would suggest something like this
Reply:I like the second cake; the jewelry link didn%26#039;t work; not crazy about the flowers (how are you going to have teal put in? there aren%26#039;t any natural teal flowers), but it%26#039;s just not my style. Do you mean the other color is lilac? Cuz not sure what color lylic is.
Reply:if you like them who cares... and the woman in the furry shoe picture should not be modeling her feet - she has disgustingly ugly toes.
Reply:I like the cake topper and the first cake. Some of the limks didn%26#039;t work.Shoes

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