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Suggestions for wedding centre pieces?

I am geeting married %26amp; for the reception I am looking for ideas - whether to have flowers was suggested to me that I could have flower arrangement with balloons coming out, but I cant find any pictures to see what this looks like - anyone else had flowers %26amp; balloons?
Suggestions for wedding centre pieces?
FlowersBirthday FlowersSympathy FlowersTry an ice sculpture!
Reply:Flowers and balloons are nice, but make sure that if you speak to the florist that does the arriagement that the balloons are not tacky. Good Luck
Reply:I would do a a high tier centerpiece and do the small balloons with flowers intermixed or you can go to a florist for for more ideas
Reply:Ice carvings (sculpture) with dolphins, etc, and drinks flowing from this. These can be very nice, and last as long as the reception. Take photographs for your wedding album. Good luck.
Reply:just go to google and type in the thyme of your wedding and centerpieces

Ex: Cinderella wedding center pieces
Reply:go to your local balloon shop they should have a catalogue of what they do. most cater for weddings they do all sorts they can do balloon arches as well. congratulations and good luck. where do you live? i know of a good balloon shop in North London if you%26#039;re interested
Reply:Have you thought about being abit different and going for Doves.

They make a wedding center peice spectacular. Two doves in a white cage as your center piece and the most attractive part of it all is the release. You both at the end walk out together holding the cage. The doves can be released almost anywhere ; at a church, in a garden, in a park, on the water, out in the country or in the town.

The doves are trained to fly up to distances ranging From 5 to 500 miles ! This training is carried out by very experienced handlers over a long period. The doves are fed on a very high protein diet ,just like many athletes, to ensure that they are in the very best condition to perform. The doves are transported to the venue in special approved pigeon carriers by an experienced handler. They are then transferred to the more decorative basket for the ceremony or at your reception.

Doves are the symbol of True Love, and it would be something different if you fancied it.

If interested heres the details

go to this website


There it explains everything they do ok.
Reply:I would do just flowers in the vases. Use mirrors under the vases.
Reply:Try vases filled with lemons, another with limes, another with small oranges, then add water to the vases. It%26#039;s cheaper than flowers.
Reply:I%26#039;m thinking of doing something like small glass globes with some of those pretty glass rock things from Hobby Lobby, at the bottom and filling it with some water and put one of those floating candles in it. Just an idea if you are on a budget and don%26#039;t wanna spend a whole lot on flowers. I don%26#039;t know if I would go with balloons as it would make it look somewhat like a birthday, but I guess it would depend on what color balloons. Best Wishes and Congratulations! :)
Reply:I recently went to a wedding and they had huge wine glasses placed onto circular cut mirrors. the wine glass had a cream church style candle in the center. Then they sprinkled rose petals around the table and silver glitter. The tables looked stunning and away from the usual flowers or balloons.
Reply:Hi !

Everyones wedding is totally different, if you have the money to spend, i suggest you invest in simple glass peices (check for ideas) . if you have a theme you can easily adapt these to match, for eg if you are having a Beach theme, add some clean Sand to the bottom , then top off with seashells that you can get off e-bay or amazon.

If you dont have a Wedding theme, then match back your wedding colours. use Winding willow to give your centerpiece height (check your florist for this, it should be cheap) .

For more ideas, check this link :

Also, if you do choose to use the balloons, please be careful, Ballons have been outdated from weddings , since they do tend to look a bit more birthday party-ish. Also, if you are going for a clean ,elegant look, balloons should not be considered!

Now, you CAN do the ballons, so here are some links to see what you can do with the balloons. I would advise to choose Smaller balloon, so as not to block anyones view!

Here are some links for the Balloon centerpieces.

I wish you the best of luck!
Reply:you could try small beta fish bowls( the ones with the scalloped edges) and not put fish in but decorate the rim with ribbon( the colors of your wedding) and put small pearled stones in them.

went to a wedding where they had them and they looked beautiful on the tables.
Reply:DONT DO THE FLOWER BALLOON!! Unless you want your wedding to look like a sweet sixteen event. Trust me they are so tacky. I%26#039;ve seen them and it just screams %26quot;Hi I have NO class.%26quot; whatever the theme is for your wedding you should have center pieces that match obviously. My friend had hers on a vineyard and on the table centerpieces were bottles of wine tied together to look like a boquet so everyone at the table at the end of the night got to bring a full bottle of wine home. These center pieces are going to be ripped to shreds at the end of the night or stolen by the end of the night by guests anyway. Might as well kill two birds with one stone by making them the little keepsake people take away with them and spend the 2 grand you saved on center pieces and add on a third week to your honeymoon.
Reply:Hi, I would check with your venue as when I went to see them about the decorations for my wedding reception they told me its best to go with just balloms as the flower arrangements just take up the table space, We are having round tables. So we are having balloons.

I suppose you can always ask at the reception venue weather or not its ok for you to have them as you dont want to get your heart set on something and find out you can have it that way.

It was ok for me as I wasnt into having any flower arrangements as they where to expensive so Im now having balloon and Ive seen pics and it looks lovely.

Icant believe my wedding is like in 6 weekscomputer

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